The brand new BOOMBOX V2 is the latest upgrade to the original V1 speaker system which turns virtually anything into a speaker! Plug in your music player and stick BOOMBOX V2 on to any surface or object and you instantly have a mobile, on the go speaker.

Added benefits:
The original BOOMBOX V2 vibration speaker is a smaller more compact version of the BOOMBOX making it easy to carry in your purse or pocket. It has a cord that wraps inside the unit. It also comes with a rubberized anti-stratch coating. This portable speaker is for use with mp3 players, cellphones, ipads and laptops. It will turn anything you stick it to into a speaker
BOOMBOX V2 is small and light, comes in multiple colors and can be powered by USB or 2 AAA batteries. BOOMBOX V2, have fun with it!
  • Boombox Unit
  • USB to 3.5V mini Jack
  • Stereo Mini Plug
  • Additional Sticker Pads
  • Instructions Manual
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